For new clients!

Register and get a risk-free bet of 20 EUR

1. Register

2. Make your first deposit of at least 20 EUR with the code SPORTS.

3. Place a bet on selected sporting events (you can select one or several events).

4. The bonus applies only to bets before the beginning of the match.

5. The selected game or the total coupon odds cannot exceed 4.0.

6. If you are unlucky, you will return your bet (up to 20 EUR).

7. Casino777 offers two types of new customer bonuses - casino or sports betting. New customers must choose one of the bonuses.

8. The bonus is valid only for the first bet made.

9. If the first bet stoke has higher odds, there will be no refund in case of a loss.

10. Example: A EUR 20 bet is stoked on three football matches. The coupon is lost, but the EUR 20 bet is returned to the player’s account. If the bet amount is less than EUR 20, then the corresponding coupon amount of the lost bet will be returned to the account.

11. The refund will be credited to the player’s account the next work day at 11.00

12. Casino777 reserves the right to change, cancel, withdraw or reject any offer to any player at its sole discretion.

13. Casino777 reserves the right to cancel or change the promotion conditions at any time.

14. In the event that the language versions of the Rules ​​differ, the version in Latvian shall prevail.